The Hawkins Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to advance orthopaedic medicine and outcomes for patients through research and education. Working alongside the physicians of the Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas, the Hawkins Foundation provides a unique set of resources and infrastructure for education and research in the world of orthopaedics.

Located in Greenville, SC, the foundation partners with other organizations that contribute to optimally carrying out our mission. Proaxis Therapy, Greenville Health System, Clemson University, The University of South Carolina, Furman University and other individuals contribute significantly in our collaborative efforts to define value in orthopaedic medicine.
The Hawkins Foundation is focused on defining VALUE to improve health care!

Fundamental shifts are taking place in healthcare. Participants are recognizing that the value equation – outcomes divided by cost - in health care must be improved. Incentives are changing to reward providers for cost control and payers are becoming increasingly interested in the patient outcomes experience as a result of their care.

With outcome measures in place, we can work with doctors, health systems and manufacturers to compare the cost and quality of new devices, drugs and interventions. Known as Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER), our studies can help improve the value of orthopaedic care world-wide.

Very few practitioners understand this better than our Founder and Chairman, Dr. Richard Hawkins . "Hawk" has been involved in defining and collecting orthopaedic patient outcomes since 1990. Orthopaedic textbooks, peer-reviewed research publications and hands-on surgical fellowship training are grounded in these fundamental analyses.

As a public charity, we live out this focus to help others drive value by defining better, faster and less expensive ways to treat patients.

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