While the Exam Room is be the epicenter for driving value-based care within healthcare, no one in the building has the right information at their disposal to be successful. Hundreds of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems across the country store an incredible amount of information, but little if any DATA exists at the point of care to help the physician and patient make good decisions.

we are working with surgeons, physical therapists, healthcare systems, patients and technology providers to bridge the data gap for the delivery of value-based healthcare. It all starts with defining and measuring patient outcomes. What is the current level of success with existing treatment protocols - and at what cost? With measures in place, we can compare new drugs, devices and procedures through Comparative Effectiveness Research studies and help define better, faster and less expensive medical solutions.
Step One: Defining and Collecting Outcome Measures

We work with surgeons and health systems to help them determine what and how to collect real data that determines patient outcomes
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Comparing Drugs, Devices, Treatments to drive value in orthopaedic care delivery

We conduct reviews and research studies that compare treatments and outcomes to help delivery systems define best-of-care protocols
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With one of the most unique collaborations in the country, we can go from bench to bedside under one roof!
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